BlueBird Aero Systems Ltd specializes in design, development and production of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs), and delivers unique, quality, comprehensive technological solutions to the challenges and needs of both the military and the civilian UAV markets.

The core of Bluebird's endeavors focuses in developing and manufacturing UAVs that are of groundbreaking, test-proofed technological qualities. One example is Bluebird's achievements as the world’s leading developer of Soft Wing tactical UAV. Such a vehicle and its accompanying systems were developed by BlueBird Aero Systems Ltd and have accumulated hundreds of flight hours. In addition, the company holds the rights to several patents related to Soft Wing UAV navigational and stabilization systems, as well as for the improvement of flight performance. BlueBird Aero Systems presents complete ‘end to end’ development capabilities under one roof. The development of a variety of systems is carried out by the company through its various stages, starting with the requirements specification document and onward with initial design, the engineered prototype, flight tests and manufacturing of the completed and mature systems. Each and every phase is carried out with adamant high quality, using the most advanced evelopment tools. All manufacturing processes are well documented.


Mini-UAV systems, fully developed and operational, capable of the highest standard of performance available in the international market, test-proofed in hundreds of flight-hours. These UAV systems provide an exceptionally user-friendly interface, which enable a simple operation by unskilled operators, as well as an outstanding recovery reliability.

A Soft Wing UAV equipped with a photogram metric abilities that enable the creation of a mapping infrastructure, Orthophoto with topography lines and 3-D visualization of the area of interest in near real time. BlueBird's Soft Wing UAV enjoys high survivability and reliability due to its advanced avionics, systems redundancy and its unique parafoil based wing, which enables a soft and safe landing in any terrain.

Sophisticated avionics and communication systems specially designed for tactical UAVs, tested through hundreds of flight-hours and on various (UAV) platforms and already operational in several customers. Bluebird's avionics systems provide high reliability and redundancy and are supported by a variety of Ground Control Units (GCU's) of various sizes.


Bluebird Aero System Ltd. has developed a unique, comprehensive, low cost, end-to-end solution for monitoring and protecting areas of interest. The solution includes the Blueye™ UAV that was specifically esigned for military and civilian usages and a photogrammetric system (airborne payload and a ground station).

The system enables the supply of accurate maps and orthophotos within hours or days from order. Moreover, the maps may include specific required information like changes detection, altitude levels, etc. The technology automatically manages all the process from the imagery to the completed actionable products that includes imagery, maps, orthophotos, control points and a 3D stereoscopic model of the area of interest. The system provides those products independent of any previous geographic and photogrammetric database.

The Blueye™ UAV is a friendly and easy to use platform. Its unique capability to accurately follow a predefined route enhances the accuracy of the products. Moreover, Bluebird’s UAV can repeatedly cover specific areas of interest and thus supply a sequence of high resolution and accurate maps and geographic details of the same specific area at different time periods.


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1. Photogrammetry;

2. Changes detection;

3. GIS (Geographic information systems);
4. 3D elevation data and visualization;
5. Cartography.

1. Weight 60 kg. Payload 15 kg;
2. Endurance – 8 h/range 50 km;
3. Cruise speed 40-65 km/h;
4. Возможность эксплуатации при сильном ветре;
5. Real-time stabilized video;
6. Auto high-resolution orthophoto map generation;
7. Near real-time change detection (2D, 3D);
8. Operates in winds up to 45 km/h.


The Boomerang is man-portable, Catapult launched, electrically powered loitering surveillance and reconnaissance UAV, modeled as a flying wing. With full autonomy, from launch to parachute recovery (to a predetermined location), the Boomerang delivers ease of use, large payload capacity (2.5kg) and high reliability.
Operates in both day and night for a range of 20 Kilometers, and 2.5 hours endurance.
The Boomerang is equipped with a miniature, lightweight electro-optical, stabilized, airbone sensor which was designed to be carried by a miniature UAV, for tactical "Over-the-Hill" reconnaissance in daylight and optionally at night.

• operates in the following modes: Observation Mode (Joystick Rate Mode), Point to Coordinate Mode, Target Tracking Mode, Scan Mode
• Designed especially for Miniature UAVs for Over-the-Hill applications.
• Very light weight (650 gr).
• Line of Sight control by Operator.
• Gyro Stabilized picture independent of A/C maneuvers and vibrations.
• High resolution Color CCD Camera with 10x optical zoom lens for day observation.
• Night observation capability - Optional.

RS-232 Communication Link (secondary channel)


1. Weight 9 kg. Payload 2,5 kg.
2. Endurance – 2,5 h/ range 20 km.
3. Cruse speed 60-120 km/h.
4. Operates in strong winds up to о 65 km/h.
5. Stabilized high-resolution real-time video.
6. Parachute / airbag auto pinpoint recovery.

Skylite B is a man-portable, long endurance mini - UAV system designet to meet the ISR needs of all military branches including infantry units. SkyLite B is specially configured to fly below a low cloud base and in high winds.
The system provides high resolution, real-time imagery to the field operator and to higher command levels by using stabilized, gimbaled day and night electro-optical payloads.

1. Weight 6 kg.
2. Dimensions - diameter 12 cm, length 115 cm; wing span 240 cm
3. Electrical propulsion
4. Operational endurance 90 minutes Cruise speed 37 – 54 knots
    Operational range 10 km radius
    Flight altitude 100-600 м.
5. Payloads Day & Night electro – optic gimbaled and stabilized Automatic video tracker
6. Batteries Rechargeable (Lithium Polymer)
7. Operational Flight Altitude 300 to 2000 ft (100-600 m) AGL Wind resistance 30 knots 

A compact, light weight (330gr.) avionics suite for mini UAVs, which supplies a complete control over a UAV. Includes an autopilot, a command and telemetric communication link, an emergency uplink command channel, a full-duplex payload control link, a magnetic compass, relays for a full control of the aircraft's systems, analog sensors readings, real-time monitoring of the UAV's vital flight data, etc.

• Complete avionics suite in one rugged, low-weight box
• Long rang data commuinication (up to 50Km range)
• Optional MUX capability - separate RS232 link (19200 Baud) for payload control using the internal radio modem
• Manual emergency mode, enables direct servo control when needed.
• Easy to assemble - Just plug in the avionics and antenna connectors.
• Easy for lab test- Just turn-on and connect via the RF link.
• High reliability, proved during hundreds of flights.


Friday, 27 December 2013

Contract with OJSC "TAIF-NK"

December, 2013

The contract for infrastructure of engineering safety features was concluded between "Telecom & Technology Transfer Ltd" and OJSC "TAIF-NK".

Friday, 27 December 2013

Equipment supply on Antipinsky Refinery is completed

December, 2013

"Telecom & Technology Transfer Ltd" fulfilled the obligation. Our company delivered to CJSC Antipinsky Oil Refinery (Tyumen) all the fire protection equipment – Bladder Tanks MTB-V, firewater monitor FJM-EL, Inbal valves, gas fire-fighting equipment LPG.

Friday, 27 December 2013

Electronic bracelets production in Kazakhstan

December, 2013

On demand of Kazakh General Prosecutor Office "Telecom & Technology Transfer Ltd" in cooperation with Kazakh partners plan to produce electronic bracelets to track offenders.

The details are on our website, section "Projects".