Crowcon Detection Instruments Ltd specialises in developing, manufacturing and marketing innovative, reliable and cost-effective flammable and toxic gas detection equipment. The products are sold throughout the world, serving oil, gas and petrochemical companies, public utilities, clean water and sewage treatment companies, fire brigades, construction companies and other organizations where accidental leakage of gas or vapour can become a toxic or explosive danger.

Crowcon has been a part of the Halma Group since 1985. Halma is listed on the Midcap London Stock Exchange (FTSE 350) and is recognized as one of the most successful engineering groups in the World.
Crowcon has the most robust and reliable range of gas detection products in the industry.
Portable or fixed, Crowcon can provide gas detectors you can trust:
1. Fixed gas detectors.
2. Portable gas detectors.
3. Control systems.
4. Sampling systems.


Xgard               Flameproof toxic and oxygen gas detector
Xsafe               Safe area flammable gas detector 
Flamgard Plus  Flammable gas detector with display 
TXgard Plus     Toxic and oxygen gas detector with display 
TXgard-IS+      Toxic and oxygen gas detector with display
Nimbus            Infrared flammable gas detector
Cirrus              Infrared flammable and CO2 gas detector


All fixed gas monitoring systems can be interfaced with any fire and gas detector and distributed control system (DCS). In addition each system can be engineered to drive remote annunciators and mimic panels.

Our fixed gas monitoring range consists of:
Vortex                 Flexible Control Package
Gasmaster          Self Contained Panel
Gasflag               Single Channel Control Panel
Gasmonitor Plus  Rack Based Control Panel
CellarSafe           Carbon Dioxide Monitor

Ditech                                                                        Analogue Rack System


Friday, 27 December 2013

Contract with OJSC "TAIF-NK"

December, 2013

The contract for infrastructure of engineering safety features was concluded between "Telecom & Technology Transfer Ltd" and OJSC "TAIF-NK".

Friday, 27 December 2013

Equipment supply on Antipinsky Refinery is completed

December, 2013

"Telecom & Technology Transfer Ltd" fulfilled the obligation. Our company delivered to CJSC Antipinsky Oil Refinery (Tyumen) all the fire protection equipment – Bladder Tanks MTB-V, firewater monitor FJM-EL, Inbal valves, gas fire-fighting equipment LPG.

Friday, 27 December 2013

Electronic bracelets production in Kazakhstan

December, 2013

On demand of Kazakh General Prosecutor Office "Telecom & Technology Transfer Ltd" in cooperation with Kazakh partners plan to produce electronic bracelets to track offenders.

The details are on our website, section "Projects".